Spencer Rohan


Digital playground for Time Magazine's "2006 Person of the Year", Spencer Rohan. 10+ years of filmmaking experience. Neighborhood web slinger. Professional Air Guitarist. Futurist, feminist, and recovering pop culture junkie. As the Flying Spaghetti Monster would put it...

FilmmakerWeb DeveloperTinkerer

FilmmakerWeb DeveloperTinkerer

"I love this young man with all my heart--he keeps me aware with the messages and pictures he sends me---low battery. ~Love"


When they closed down all the video stores, it was just the beginning. Film school couldn't hold him. It's when they made him an IATSE member, it became personal. Now he's out for blood gripping to writing - props to producing, there's no stopping him THIS TIME.

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"Aaarg arrrragh arrr huraa arg."

Web Developer

Dev Bootcamp grad, developer with attitude - front, back, & full stack JACK! See the coding skills that occupy the brain waves. Always working towards new techniques, learning more, and living out of the comfort zone.


Spencer is now looking for a new developer job. That's right - reach out today to get your hands on this eager and hardworking fellow!

"Spencer works well with others and has the ability to learn quickly. Probably one of the least crappy people I know."

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